Friday, 2 April 2010

would you pay to hear it like it really is?

A month without a blog. Has anyone missed me? Perhaps not, but should I take the risk of silence? It's good to talk and speak your mind, even if in my case my mind sees the world differently to others.

 I'm told I'm outspoken yet whenever I speak to a group or write an article or book, I carefully self censor. Why, well I have to consider that the more prudish people sometimes have big budgets to spend and will read my public utterances by way of research.

So I have an idea. Why not create a subscription only me, acessible only by those who have signed a disclaimer and paid a modest annual fee. Then I can be myself - critical, brutal and at times rather rude. Not you understand rude in a Les Dawson kind of way - more in the way your best friend describe the best way to escape from your burning house. Thats no nonsense, no euphamisms and no pussy footing around the truth.

I want to out the awful and suggest alternatives that work. I want to tell people committed to real, sustainable enterprise how I see the world of business support, business growth and business survival.

Would you pay to be kept informed, probably entertained and at times maybe even shocked? What's it worth? Tell me and then watch this space - or rather a space not far away. Something's brewing and it's going to be good.