Sunday, 17 May 2009

Get bolder as you get older!

Prof Heinz Wolff is quoted in The Times recently as saying that: 'Timidity is very ageing. Fight it to stay younger. After all, with each year that passes you have less to lose.'

These wise words have really got me thinking. Am I getting more timid as I age? I like to think I'm getting bolder, but sometimes I do wonder. I certainly worry far less about what others will think and more than ever before, do as I please for most of the time.

But what about risk? When did I last really push myself far beyond what is comfortable? Of course I push myself to the limit in the gym, dizziness, nausea and floods of sweat are vital in my view if you're to keep your body young. But what about risking reputation, money, personal safety, sanity even? Hmmmmmmm let me think . . . . . . what shall I do first?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Me do multi-level marketing? Never!

You know how it goes. Someone you know and respect calls you to arrange a conversation with a third party. In this case, via conference call. You hear the personal story - I had it, lost it and found it again thanks to xyz.

You're shown company xyz and then, surprise surprise, told how you can profit from helping those you know to benefit from what xyz does. Then comes the soft close - I'm committed and will help you if you decide to come on board.

I have to admit that this one does have a good range of products and will I think take the world by storm. But then so does a flu epidemic; the challenge is to leave people feeling better than you found them.

The clincher for me was the company vision of making one million people millionaires. At whose expense I asked myself?

I'll help anyone with a good idea spread the word. I'll recommend any product or service that impresses me. But I draw the line at trading my independence to join any organisation - however appealing the offer.