Saturday, 17 October 2009

Why are all expected to behave like babies?

I've long wondered why grown-ups (Chavs in particular) like to walk around in romper suits and drink from bottles with a pull up teat cap. These bottle caps encourage you to suck at your drink like an eager baby. Maybe the marketers think that we all yearn to return to the breast and so provide fizzy drinks you can suck through a plastic nipple.

I drink a lot of water and so far, Sainsbury's water bottles have had proper caps. The kind you unscrew before drinking from the open bottle. I always have one in the car. Sure there's a risk of spillage which, if you're driving can create a suspicious wet patch on your trousers - but that's an acceptable risk.

Now Sainsbury's have decided to put teat-caps on the top of their water bottles. Do they expect me to suck my water like a baby? (Perhaps they can also provide someone to wind me after my drink - in case I get tummy ache!)

I refuse to drink like a baby so will start saving proper caps to re-use. In fact I might as well re-fill my old bottles with tap water. Sod Sainsbury's!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The power of post script

I've not felt moved to blog of late, too busy I guess. However a recent chance meeting with Steve Short, magician and all round nice guy got me thinking.

I first met Steve when he was a children's magician in Norfolk 20yrs ago. This week we both found ourself presenting at a Leicester Business Event. I was determined to hear his presentation and was surprised by how well he used magic to make sound business points.

However the thing he said that struck a chord with me was this: after the headline and the sign off, the next thing people look at on a letter or email is the PS. I was once a big fan of the PS and used it to good effect all the time. Of late I've stopped . . . . but don't know why. So now, I'm going to make October a post script month.

PS See if you can catch me out - let me know if I contact you and there's no PS!